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By Micah Huggins | May 8 , 2014 | 01

1) Admit to anything outside the presence of a lawyer

It’s important to remember that anything you say can be used against you later, especially in the court of law.  The lawyer’s presence can ensure that you are within your rights, and they can guide your responses to keep you safe from any incrimination later on down the road.  Truly, cases are won and lost at this point many, many times.

2) Agree to speak without your lawyer present

The 6th amendment entitles you to have an attorney in any given legal situation.  When detained by the police, you have the right to notify them that you will not speak with anyone until your lawyer is present.  This is especially important when you are under custodial interrogation, meaning not free to leave. Remember your attorney’s presence is meant to protect you. They can speak on your behalf. The way you invoke this right is when questioned, simply state “I want to have my lawyer present before I answer any questions.” See how easy that is? Now do it.

3) Consent to a search

Your 4th amendment protects you from any unlawful search by law enforcement. No officer has the right to search your property unless they have a warrant, probable cause, or your consent. Denying them entry will not negatively affect any legal case against you. Many make the mistake in feeling that they have to oblige the officer because they are in fear or feel intimated or threatened, but you do have rights, and they definitely do not end with your property.

4) Waive miranda rights

These rights are meant to protect you. As they are stated, you have the right to remain silent.  There is a reason that right was created, and that is for you to be silent!  Waiving your rights is not just signing them away with your signature, but can simply mean speaking to law enforcement once they have read you your rights. They have already warned you that any information you share can be used later in your case, and it most certainly will be.

5) Make deals without lawyer

Never try to make a deal on your own that may put you in a worse predicament. Your attorney has the ability to get you the best offer on the table. In some cases a negotiation can prevent your case from going to trial, or you may be given the option to take a lesser charge.  The biggest mistake many being investigated make is crafting a deal with an investigator or police officer.  No matter the promise, you should always be aware that your statements are going to be used against you. So, I suggest you get a lawyer down at the station before signing or writing anything.

By Micah Huggins | April 8 , 2014 | 01Comments Off on 5 Reasons Why You Need A Lawyer

We are all busy with our own day to day lives. When legal issues arise the last thing we want to do is go at it alone! Hiring a lawyer will be the best option. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. A lawyer’s familiarity with the court system can get you the answers you need. You can rest easy in knowing he’s using his knowledge and connections to get your legal situation resolved in the best way possible.
  2. Though government courses we’ve taken, or news segments we’ve heard may make us feel we could answer any pop quiz on the constitution, that’s not good enough. Your lawyer knows the constitution like the back of his hand. There may be a case law that you’d never consider to use to win a case.

Furthermore, being that your lawyer has devoted his life to law would suggest that he has dealt with many cases over the years. Recalling methods used to win a previous case, similar to yours, could have your mind free from legal woes in no time.

  1. Trying to save money may in fact make you spend time in jail. There are cases that have been lost by those refusing to hire legal representation.
  2. We have to admit that we are not geniuses on every topic known to man. Law, being a very intense and multifaceted field, needs to be left to the experts! Humbling ourselves and admitting we need the help can save us from a lot of mistakes.
  3. Taking the time to hire a lawyer will allow him or her to work diligently on your case as you to continue your usual routine. No schedule interruptions. No stress. Just someone on your side.

Make the right choice and contact a lawyer for all of your legal needs. Allow them to use their expertise to plead your case and get you the justice you deserve.

By Micah Huggins | April 8 , 2014 | 01Comments Off on 5 Things Your Lawyer Should NEVER Do

Be sure that you are getting the best legal representation. There are characteristics of a lawyer to avoid when hiring him or her.

  1. Your attorney should never quote you a price before hearing the facts and details of your case. It’s typical for many to call a lawyer’s office trying to get an estimate on how much they will be spending, basically “legal shopping”. You must always remember you get what you pay for. If a lawyer’s goal is to make a profit, the cheap traffic attorney is not the way to go. They are concerned with the dollar not your case.
  2. Your case should be a priority to your lawyer. No doubt, he has many cases on his plate, and sometimes he does make mistakes. Nevertheless ever lawyer should strive to never miss your court date. Despite having a hectic schedule, missing important dates shines bad light on a firm. Not only does it make them seem disorganized, but careless as well. If this mistake does occur, the most appropriate course of action would be to handle the issue at no cost to the client. That would entail any fees to have the case re-calendared or penalties for failure to appear.
  3. Another priority factor should be that your attorney communicates with you when you need him. In many cases lawyers are missing in action by never answering their phones or refusing to return calls in a timely manner. Needless to say, you would never want a situation where they are actually rude and short with you once you do finally reach them.
  4. Never allow your attorney to take your money based upon promises they can’t keep. I never take a client’s money based on certain conditions. I won’t allow them to demand results that I may not be able to deliver. One simple rule is to under promise and over deliver.  Things happen that may be out of anyone’s control.
  5. Your attorney should never condition his representation based off any promises from you. Unfortunately this happens and only leads to lawyers losing their licences. Ambition and greed gets the best of them. Though a lawyer may appear to have a lot of power, and are deemed as a saving grace, this should never allow them to feel invincible.

As your legal representation, your lawyer has a standard to uphold. This type of behavior is unacceptable. It lacks ethics and professionalism. Be sure you are choosing an attorney that is diligent in every manner while representing you and your case.

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